Mergers and acquisitions advisory services : sell side or buy side

Sell side:

  • Constitution of the Information Memorandum
  • Identification and contact with the financial and strategic potential buyers
  • Valorisation
  • Process management and competitive approach
  • Negotiation of the deal terms and conditions (price, shareholders‘ agreement, governance, representations and warranties)
  • Customization and negotiation of Management packages

Buy side:

  • Identification of strategic investment opportunities or build-up
  • Review of the Business plan
  • Targets approach and valuation
  • Structuration and optimization of the financing process
  • Negotiation of the deal terms and conditions
  • Customization and implementation of Management packages

Financing advisory services

Obtaining new financing sources

  • Design and negotiation of new financing sources
  • Presentation of detailed and documented business plan

Negotiating and restructuring existing funding

  • Bank financing
  • Bond financing
  • Mezzanine debt

Restructuring advisory services

  • Ability to manage complex “carve-out” operations from large groups
  • Elaboration of sharp business plans
  • Source of proposals of new sustainable solutions (rescheduling, payment delay)
  • Speedy performance, a key element in the restructuring environment
  • Good knowledge of the different actors and investors

Fund raising

  • To finance and support your technological development
  • To structure your start-up as best as possible
  • To lead you to global extension
  • To recruit real talents